Dromont serves the world leading companies in the paint, ink, textile, ceramic, cosmetic, and specialty chemical industries. These companies have chosen Dromont because of its ability to engineer accurate and durable dispensing systems. By understanding the needs of the customers, we have designed both standard machines as well as custom tailored solutions, differentiating our experience in multiple markets.

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Dromont manufactures dispensing systems with a wide range of applications in the architectural paint industry which combine dosing, mixing, and handling needs as well as integrated software and hardware designs to accomplish a complete turn-key project. These machines - available also in explosion proof versions - can dispense colorants, bases and additives in a variety of containers from 1 pint to 500 gallons.

Dromont has a proven knowledge and expertise in automotive paint both in OEM and Refinish Production. Dromont fulfils all strict requirements of this industry: tight color specifications, high demand for cleanliness and quality, and the need for special manufacturing processes. Dromont possesses the technology and knowledge to respond to the special requirements for metallic paint as well as paint applied to plastics even combining these techniques into one machine that can handle different automatic paint technologies.

The industrial paint industry is characterized by a big variety of finishes, textures and applications, thus giving Dromont the opportunity to supply its complete range of dispensing solutions. By incorporating the specific needs of each industry into the machines, Dromont is able to supply customized solutions to specialty areas such as coil coatings, marine paints and even the unique artist paint industry. The flexible solutions offered by Dromont fit this diverse industry perfectly.

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The liquid inks industry is a very unique application of Dromont systems. Often the industry requires a dispensing system in the factory to produce large quantities of ink and, at the same time, small systems at the ink manufacturer's customer, in order to prepare small batches. This requires a trust in the dispensing company to recommend it to a customer. Dromont easily handles these needs by offering large scale dispensing systems to the ink manufacturers and smaller, more cost effective systems, to their customers

The paste inks industry requires the same dispensing technology as the others but with a twist, because the viscosity of the raw material is 100 - 200 times higher than standard paints or inks.


Dromont has solved this problem by using the same O-Ring free valves but making them more robust to allow for higher pressures and more viscous materials; in this way the materials are dispensed quickly and accurately. In addition, Dromont systems do not cause any problems when using heat and light sensitive UV

Cosmetics and perfumes is a step away from the traditional dispensing application. However, Dromont's unique flexible solutions are a perfect fit for this industry. As for the paint and ink industries, accurate addition of small quantities of product is absolutely critical. Color matching for the cosmetics industry and flavour or fragrance matching for food or perfumes is a necessity for the products to be successful in the consumer market. Dromont has applied its dispensing technology with successful results in this distinct market.

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Specialty chemicals are very similar to paints and inks, low to medium viscosity materials being added in the right order and accurately to a container. However, the similarity stops there. Specialty chemicals also require very extensive safety measures to provide guaranteed operation in a safe environment.

Dromont has expanded its knowledge into the textile industry. Our systems in this industry take into account both the need for speed and accuracy of dispensing and the complete automation of the feeding and mixing line. In order to be used immediately for the appropriate application, the dispense container is handled via a software controlled conveyor system that automatically moves the container from the dispensing of the formula to homogenizing stirrers.

The ceramics and glazed tile industry is another perfect application for dispensing where Dromont has increased its ability and knowledge. Thanks to their special valve design, the dispensers are very reliable and long lasting even with highly abrasive glaze materials. Dromont Engineering provides customized solutions tailored on specific production needs.



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